About Me

I enjoy travel photography, street photography, aerial photography, event photography, formal and informal portraiture, food photography. I work in the studio and out and about.

I am versatile, and it’s difficult to pick one subject or style that I prefer.

I believe I can make interesting photos where others struggle with the same subject matter.

I like to showcase the subject and when appropriate, I will completely isolate a subject, where the photo asks questions of the viewer like, where was it taken? Other times I will include background for some context.

My techniques revolve around identifying and showcasing the subject. Image composition is very important, and when I use film SLR and Digital SLR cameras, it opens up the ability to use professional lenses. These allow me to control the light. The camera controls ISO and shutter speed, and the lenses allow a variable aperture setting. Larger apertures can throw the background of a photo out of focus if I desire. Out of focus could sound like a bad thing but it makes the subject pop.

I know my way around studio lighting, but am equally at home with natural lighting conditions. I can find the light.

When the weather is dry and the wind conditions are suitable, I take to the skies with one of my drones. I’m registered with the CAA for legal operation in UK.